Pete Davidson Never Got To Enjoy His Big Dick Summer | Netflix Is A Joke

Pete Davidson Never Got To Enjoy His Big Dick Summer | Netflix Is A Joke

Pete Davidson puts to rest the rumors that he has a big dick.

Watch Pete Davidson: Alive From New York, only on Netflix.


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50 thoughts on “Pete Davidson Never Got To Enjoy His Big Dick Summer | Netflix Is A Joke”

  1. His special was surprisingly dope af. and just FYI Pete. Most peoplel will NEVER EVER be pleased with you, b/c most arent' even pleased with themselves. So if they're not uplifting, or helping you, then take what they say with a grain of salt so FT!!!. Guidance and Blessings to you young man. Keep Shining and being yourself. You're always welcome in the hood dude.

  2. Pete is great. Ariana used him as a crutch and maybe he knew it, based on his personality and they way that he perceives himself. In the end, I fucking LOVE Pete and the double standard he's talking about is REAL.

  3. "Can you imagine if I did that? My career would be over tomorrow if I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started shitting on my ex" – Just some legend

  4. I don't get why some people get off on hating others. You don't like his comedy and you're just here to name drop that so and so people are lot better than him, then go watch their specials, Netflix has a whole lot of them. You don't think he should be talking about Ariana here, well she made a whole freaking album about him, here it's just a 3 minute clip so learn about what's being called a hypocrite. You don't think he's funny, well clearly not everyone thinks so. You see, some of us still love him without publicly commenting that he's a self absorbed prick, everything he does – right from mental health problems to everything else – is all for drawing attention? I mean come on guys! Stop spreading so much hate in literally a stupid comment section, the world doesn't need it anymore.

  5. I used to dismiss Pete Davidson as just another comedian whose shtick on SNL is society's stereotype of the millennial, but his standup, particularly his Netflix special, proves that he's a genius with the potential for joining the ranks of the Dave Chapelles and the George Carlins.

  6. He words are taken too seriously because he was labeled as Ariana’s Husband not a comedian That May or may not specialize in dark humor probably wouldn’t be so dark he we appreciate him as a comedian someone who tells jokes he gets shitted on as if he’s a politician

  7. It's a shame that people who aren't fans of comedy gravitated towards Pete because of Ariana. Now there's a bunch of people who don't understand jokes who see him, and hate him.

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