The Most Beautiful Thing You Can See on Mushrooms - Sam Jay

The Most Beautiful Thing You Can See on Mushrooms – Sam Jay

Sam Jay remembers trying a medium-rare burger and shrooms at Bonnaroo. (Contains strong language.)

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33 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing You Can See on Mushrooms – Sam Jay”

  1. Stopped watching comedy central cuz it's gotten so far left that its pathetic. Saw this joke and was like no way they ruin it seems like a good joke. Then she starts off with some like white hate not really even funny overused garbage and led into butchering the joke which I thought was funnier when I just read it. Lol.

  2. hell yeah girl!! mushrooms are amazing! but definitely you need to be in a comfortable mindset, and a safe setting to enjoy them as they should be enjoyed. if you're in a negative headspace, or in, as you said, "a mushroom unfriendly environment" it's very possible you'll have a bad time, because you think very very deeply after eating them. and if the things around you are bad, or the things inside you are bad, you'll absolutely notice, and think very deeply about them, and it can be overwhelming. overwhelming enough to break you. i still think learning can be done, even through a bad trip but. you can also do that learning from a safe space, incrementally, where you're comfortable and can contemplate your role in the universe without feeling catastrophically depressed.

    set and setting, absolutely the most important thing to consider before eating mushrooms. <3

    i'm really glad you had a good time.

  3. Racist ish!! Y'all wouldn't like a white man to walk in talking about ain't never seen so many black men sleeping on the streets. Ain't never seen so many black men that need to take a shower, black men do drugs,bECT. IDGAF she's a black lesbian. Don't give her the okay to he racist!!!! Then gonna scream about equality!! B have SEVERAL SEATS!!!!!!

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