When Lying on a First Date Ends in Disaster - Greta Titelman - Stand-Up Featuring

When Lying on a First Date Ends in Disaster – Greta Titelman – Stand-Up Featuring

Greta Titelman shares how her surfing date ended up being a total disaster and explains why she loves sports bars. (Contains strong language.)

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42 thoughts on “When Lying on a First Date Ends in Disaster – Greta Titelman – Stand-Up Featuring”

  1. so predictable. i literally knew she would only joke about men/dating/sex the entire time before i even watched

    kathleen madigan, wanda sykes, maria bamford, fortune feimster, etc seem to not have to constantly use their relationship/sex lives as their primary sources

    lazy comedy

  2. I'm from south africa but even I got sick of her dragging every last word of every sentence like a typical Californian girl. It was only sexy the first few times. Women comics always seem like they try too hard…

  3. She attempts to make comedy out of her experiences as a vapid, high-maintenance, waste-of-space female. The only downside is that I don't think she knows what the word "comedy" means.

  4. I think my only criticism, because she isn’t untalented. Is that it’s just a bit too real. Like idk if it’s just stereotype but everytime she goes into the he valley girl person, it seems like a over exaggeration of what’s like a constant in her personality. So it’s hard to tell whether the like dumb valley girl ideas are funny because it’s true or funny because it’s wow those thoughts are dumb. And then I’m not sure if I’m suppose to be laughing at her or with her.

  5. She is more beautiful than funny. That is the only case of a disadvantage when you are beautiful. Can't be sexy and funny at the same time…. it's like fucking a woman while she laughs her guts out.

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